• master-class

Master Class

Discovering food around the World


Developing cultural knowledge of Culinary Arts existing around the world.
Number of hours:
5 hours Session (1hour theory/4 hours practical)

For Whom:

Anyone wishing to discover the cultural cuisines around the world.

Capacity of each group intake:

Minimum 10 candidates to 16 candidates into groups of 2(binome teams)
Estimated price of courses per candidate: Rs 7,500

Session Course lesson content specification
1 Festive Menu
  • Chicken Roast with oven baked baby potatoes, roasted carrots, sautéed mushroom and broccoli/greens. And roast juice
  • Lamb roast with sweet potato puree and glazed carrots with thyme juice.
Understanding the essential of tie up of meat and roasting technics. Cutting, trimming,
preparations,Presentation kills

August/September 2024 Intake