• master-class

Master Class

Discovering food around the World


Developing cultural knowledge of Culinary Arts existing around the world.
Number of hours:
5 hours Session (1hour theory/4 hours practical)

For Whom:

Anyone wishing to discover the cultural cuisines around the world.

Capacity of each group intake:

Minimum 10 candidates to 16 candidates into groups of 2(binome teams)
Estimated price of courses per candidate: Rs 7,500

Session Course lesson content specification
1 Festive Menu
  • Chicken Roast with oven baked baby potatoes, roasted carrots, sautéed mushroom and broccoli/greens. And roast juice
  • Lamb roast with sweet potato puree and glazed carrots with thyme juice.
Understanding the essential of tie up of meat and roasting technics. Cutting, trimming,
preparations,Presentation kills

March 2024 Intake Now Open