Etched in its Strategic Plan 2018-2020, Polytechnics envisioned a growth plan in Rodrigues Island to cater to local population and its budding new economic activities.  Over the years, the island of Rodrigues has been gearing towards an enhancement to equip its population with competencies and skills that would enable itself to develop in its own specific ways. From smart tech to creative arts, from airport to sports management, from agriculture to ecology, from nursing to elderly care, emerging demands are many.

The upper technical education focus adopted by Polytechnics, differentiates it from its sister higher learning institutions and delivers on pressing emerging needs of Rodrigues Island. Polytechnics has drawn the attention of planners and policy makers and this has driven to a collaboration between Rodrigues Regional Assembly and Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd (PML) as the institution which offers a learning methodology that is focused on the holistic development of the individual.  This approach reverberates with Rodrigues in its intention to develop its human capital.

Soft Skills training, Diploma in Cyber Security, Diploma in Digital & Interactive media, Diploma in Logistics and Diploma in Leisure Management, among others are programmatic areas directly related to the expansion projects across different emerging sectors in the country. Rodrigues has its own specificities and vernaculars that make it distinctive. This should be respected. A copy paste formula or mentality will not make it.

With COVID 19 pandemic impacting, Rodrigues campus will operate in different phases.  Phase 1 and Phase 2 will run from Antoinette Prudence Human Resource Centre, Malabar while Phase 3 onwards will be from a dedicated bespoke campus.

Phase 1 will be a soft launch with Soft Skills training, Diploma in Cyber Security and Diploma in Digital & Interactive media and for Phase 2, PML is looking forward to the launch of all the selected courses.

With this new campus, students from Rodrigues can successfully complete their Diploma level courses while being at home, surrounded by their close relatives and without any financial strain and then join the exciting pathway to PML campuses in Mauritius for further studies and some career work experiences

About the Project Manager (Rodrigues)

<b>Reena Rampadarath Monogee (Khema)</b>

Reena Rampadarath Monogee (Khema)

Reena has more than 20 years of work experience in the education and training sector and has worked in the public, private and non-Governmental Organizations both in Mauritius and abroad. Throughout her journey she has also worked on some projects for Rodrigues and is very familiar to the needs and expectations of the Rodriguan society. 

With educational backgrounds ranging from Social Science to Strategic Management and Human Resources, Reena has a breadth of knowledge & knowhow to share.


“Cabinet has agreed to Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rodrigues Regional Assembly for the setting up of a Campus in Rodrigues. The setting up of a Polytechnics Mauritius Campus at Citron Donis would have as main focus the revamping of the Technical and Vocational Training Sector for the development of a skilled workforce which is required in areas deemed as high importance to the socio-economic development of Rodrigues.
Pending the completion of works and launching of operations at the Citron Donis Campus, Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd proposes to, in collaboration with the Rodrigues Regional Assembly, proceed with a soft launch of several programmes at diploma level in the fields of Cybersecurity, Interactive and Digital Media, Leisure Management and Industrial Logistics that would be conducted at the Antoinette Prudence Human Resource Development Centre in Malabar and at the ICT Centre for Excellence in Port Mathurin.”

Rodrigues Training & Career Guidance Expo 2021 ‘Les opportunités de formations à Rodrigues’

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Background of Polytechnics Mauritius

Polytechnics Mauritius (PML) is a government owned private institution established in 2017. Operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research (MoEHRTESR), Mauritius, PML is entrusted with a unique responsibility to enable human capital development at mid-management level in priority fields of knowledge and skills as identified by the government. The objective of PML is to provide the labor market with upskilled, reskilled and future skilled persons who are Diploma holders of high quality and who with the acquired skills would spearhead the development of the country into a knowledge-based and skills-driven economy.

PML courses are industry-focused and focus on the needs of the country in the existing and developing areas of the economy. Mauritius has as of today 4 campuses and have since 2021 opened up its campus in Rodrigues.

Rodrigues Campus

The vision of PML Rodrigues was launched further to the cabinet decision of 28th of May 2021 with the approval to set up a new campus at Citron Donis in Rodrigues. This vision steered to reality with a soft launch of operations since August / September 2021 with the kickstart of courses at Antoinette Prudence Human Resource Center, Malabar and the ICT Centre for Excellence, Port Mathurin at Citron Donis.

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Memorandum of Understanding between Rodrigues Regional Assembly and Polytechnics Mauritius

Over the years, the island of Rodrigues has been gearing towards an enhancement to equip its population with competencies and skills that would enable itself to develop in its own specific ways. From Smart Tech to Creative Arts, from Airport to Sports Management, from Agriculture to Ecology, from Nursing to Elderly care, emerging demands are many.

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