Global Footprint

Our vision says it loud and clear – “To innovate and craft a high-skills ecosystem that makes us a world-class powerhouse”. As we build skill sets around emerging and niche sub-sectors of the high-income, high-skills economy that are innovative, unique and untapped, forging global alliances that have the requisite expertise is not only a fad, it is a must.

The Republic of Mauritius has been a trailblazer worldwide by striving for greater access and equity in tertiary education. As from January 2019, the Government has been visionary in selecting ten public institutions in the higher education sphere to make completing a bachelor level degree free for first-time local students participating in tertiary education. This has been a game changer in opening the doors of tertiary education for many students from low-income families or vulnerable groups. No more will financial burden stop students and families from stepping up on the skill ladder and better job opportunities.

As the only tertiary, upper TVET institution in Mauritius, Polytechnics shoulders the responsibility to diversify the offerings for students in Mauritius in practical fields such as health science and nursing, IT and emerging technologies, engineering and logistics, marine and ocean sector and the tourism and hospitality.

Polytechnics Mauritius partners with global academic institutions to deliver on industry’s current and future needs that will unleash the next cycle of vacancies and jobs. Polytechnics focuses on emerging sectors of the economy and new skillsets. Often times, the expertise is not available locally and through global alliances, knowledge transfer and skillset exchange become possible. Many employers are waiting on these skills set to be launched in Mauritius to address their demands.