Contribute Your Fullest

Polytechnics Mauritius is a workplace where the inputs, contributions and great ideas of staff matter. Our working culture is best described as collegial and open-door policy. Not as a cliché comment but as a place where hierarchy only matters when necessary – otherwise all levels come together around the table for brainstorming.
At PML, we’re committed to fostering a learning environment helping students and participants of all ages and walks of life step into high skills. We are fueled by the vision of the Government, Vision 2030 for a SMART Mauritius. Our people, our intellectual capital is our only resource and shaping the enterprising managers and leaders of tomorrow is more than a calling for us, it instils a real sense of purpose.


We value talent of our human capital: talent to make things happen, talent to make complex things simpler, talent to always be on a learning journey, talent to seek for more, solve problems and make decisions and talent to excel beyond limits.


We challenge assumptions and we carve a model for the future. Our customers often bring us to the drawing board to develop a service offer that are adaptable and exceeds their expectations.

Team player

Our strength lies in the individual and team player abilities of our people. Engaging together in collective working enables us to deliver on our promises throughout.


We do not profess integrity in solely being honest and truthful in our dealings with our stakeholders. We build around our thoughts and actions in being authentic and value driven.

Job Vacancy at Polytechnics Mauritius

From impromptu snacking to birthday celebrations, from monthly team meetings to fun games and activities, from valuing our diversity to ensuring that we always work with integrity, we find ourselves in a place where those who strive for excellence but in a cool and collegial manner will thrive beyond their imagination.
Above all, we welcome those who want to be part of the founding team @ Polytechnics Mauritius, who love the thrill of starting something anew, not constrained by 9-5 mentality, focused on results and wanting to make a difference in the world.

Rolling Recruitment Application Process

We are always on the lookout for star faculty and facilitators on a part time basis that want to join the Dream Team @PML. Check out our openings on ‘Apply Now’.