Local Students

Our focus is on Quality and Equity while shaping the future workforce.

Be ready for an exciting experience with us where education is not restricted to books and computers. We bring to you more than just academic as You represent the future workforce. Our full package of soft skills, experience, life skills, sports, events, activities, fun and challenges prepare you to be a model for your generation.

Are you ready to embark on this roller-coaster which push you beyond academic?

Follow the following steps:

How to apply

Choosing a programme is like choosing the future you want to be part of and we advise you to choose a programme which will best suit your goals.

Unsure about your choice or do you need more information!! We are here to assist you. Send us a chat

Ensure that you have submitted all relevant information, copy of certificates and other documents so as not to delay the process.

Process for recruitment of Candidates
  1. Selection of Candidates
  2. Diagnostic Exams
  3. Group Simulation
  4. One to One interview
  5. Letter of Admission
  6. Email to confirm for induction
  7. Induction
  8. Academic
  9. Industry visit
  10. Start of Class
Receive an offer letter from us

We are fair and rigorous in our selection.

Application forms are screened by a committee comprising of programme leaders and facilitators from respective field. Regardless of our decision, you will be informed accordingly.

Reserve your seat

You need to accept our offer by signing an official contract to be able to secure your seat with us. You will then receive a confirmation letter from us, that you can use to apply for loan facilities or scholarship.