Why Collaborate?

The Polytechnics Mauritius Limited is driven by a passion to build sustainable relationships with industry partners, towards achieving success through strategic and innovative partnerships. The synergy created from working in close and continuous collaboration with you will enable us to better understand and respond to your emerging needs, expand our capabilities and ultimately offer you the best solutions.

Our approach to training is about involving industry throughout the educational lifecycle at Polytechnics. From the start, industry participates in stakeholder meetings to help us identify, customize and deliver the programmes right. Shortly after, we invite HR experts to speed-interview our students and give them a true and accurate picture of the demands and expectations of employers. Students join employers in internships, traineeships or shadowing assignments to learn, share and imbibe skills that will make them more competent and attractive. Employers set aside real projects for students so that they get exposed to the real work from Day One.

We also mount innovative research projects with employers that involve staff, students and employees to collaborate and refine ideas, execute on proof of concepts, build prototypes or perform simulation exercises on new products and services. Often times, collaborative projects launched by international organisations and/or Government would require employers to apply in tandem with educational institutions such as Polytechnics Mauritius.