• food-production-level-2

Basic food production - Level 2


Developing advanced culinary skills
Number of hours:
42 hours (divided into session of 3 hours)
1 theory class, 13 practical sessions
2 days per week(evening/night classes) 7  weeks

For Whom:

Anyone wishing to learn advanced basics of food production and cooking develop
professional techniques

Capacity of each group intake:

16 candidates into groups of 2(binome teams)
Estimated price of courses per candidate:
Rs 20,000

Week number lesson content specification  
Week 1 day 1 Theory classroom 1.Culinary technical refreshment session

2.Course depiction

Week 1 day 2 Practical

Sauces/broth/demi glace/fumet

1.veloutée sauce

2.pepper/thym sauce

3.wine base sauce

Quantity of products Techniques used Different approach to sauce making Degreasing Sauce reduction Sauce rectification
Week 2 day 1 Fresh Pasta making 1.Spaghetti

2.ravioli/stuffed pasta


Techniques Cooking method Dough mixing Cutting technic Cooking technic Presentation technic
Week 2 day 2 1.risotto cooking 2.potato mousseline Traditional mushroom risotto Traditional potato mousseline Techniques  Cooking method Cutting and cooking technics for the risotto with


Week 3 day 1 Vegetable veloutée Cutting

Vegetable stock

making Velouté preparation

cooking Presentation  Taste adjustment
Week 3 day 2 Vegetable Traditional ratatouille Techniques Cooking


Cooking and presentation


Week4 day


Chicken ballotine Lamb rack Cutting/trimming/ preparation Techniques Cooking methods for specific pieces Cooking accordingly to the part of the animal
Week4 day


Chicken fish Whole chicken cooking

Fish filleting

preparation Cooking accordingly
Week5 day


Dessert bavarois Cooking technique and preparation presentation
Week 5 day 1 Dessert Tartelette citron meringue Cooking method and preparation technique Technical skills and presentation skill
Week 6 day 1 Advanced Platting


Full main course preparation ( carbs, protein,vegetables, sauce) Classical lamb goulash,



Glazed vegetables

Acquired technics/skills Cooking methods



Week 6 day 2 1.Seafood Bisque  2.creamy pumpkin soup Soup preps  preps and garnishes Making bisque using seafood Making a pumpkin soup Respecting technicity and standard recipe
Week 7 day 1 Assessment Cooking and platting Imposed

traditional recipe Salad ceasar

Respecting standard recipe
Week 7day


Assessment Cooking and platting Imposed

traditional recipe Blanquette de volaille,pate fraiche sautee au beurre et legumes glacée

Respecting standard recipe

August/September 2024 Intake