Admissions at Polytechnics starts with a Diagnostic Test

Polytechnics Mauritius is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive place to study and grow. Over time, we recognize that such an ecosystem can only be enriched by students coming from a multitude of backgrounds and abilities from across the island.

The Diagnostic Test and Preparatory Course is a new addition to our educational landscape at Polytechnics, that acts as a leveler for late bloomers or students who may have obtained less than five credits but who share an unparalleled passion for the field of study. Why should they be barred from the courses when they could reveal hard workers and eventually shine in IT, engineering, tourism or other fields? Why put a premature stop to the dream?

At the selection process, those students take part in a subject-specific diagnostic test that gives us a sense of the achievement gap in learning. The preparatory course is discipline specific and uniquely designed to bridge the gap and put all students on an equal footing to succeed through a series of intensive lectures and catch up sessions. The preparatory course also prepares the students coming from secondary schools for the additional demands of a tertiary-level qualification.