• food-production-level-3

Basic food production - Level 3


Developing advanced culinary skills leading to a professional environment and facilitate
immersion in a professional kitchen.
Number of hours:
45 hours (divided into session of 3 hours)
1 theory class, 14 practical sessions
2 days per week(evening/night classes)8 weeks

For Whom:

Anyone wishing to learn advanced level of food production and cooking develop
professional techniques

Capacity of each group intake:

16 candidates into groups of 2(binome teams)
Estimated price of courses per candidate:
Rs 20,000

Week number lesson content specification  
Week 1 day 1 Theory classroom 1.Course depiction

2.  Stairway to a professional culinary environment

3. roles and responsibilities of kitchen brigade

Summarize the professional industry and  
Week 1 day 2 Butchery

1.Lamb leg

2.beef fillet

1.deboning lamb leg and tie up

2.trimming beef fillet and tie up

3. portioning



Applying applied technic

and skills

Portioning and conditioning methods Sous-vide method

Cleanliness and organisational
Week 2 day 1 Whole Chicken deboning Deboning of a whole chicken without parting any other parts Stuffing and tie




Realisation of a stuffed chicken ballotine using a whole chicken and tie up

Steaming and pan cooking

Precision of work.

Application of technic and skill.

Cooking skills

Week 2 day 2 Beef stroganoff With tagliatelli Cooking a

classical dish 

Respecting standard recipe

and plating 


Cutting and cooking technics with



Week 3 day 1 Lasagne  Bechamel Fresh pasta dough bolognaise Cooking Dough preparation



Presentation  Taste adjustment portioning
Week 3 day 2 Lamb leg roast with oven baked baby potatoes, sautéed mushroom, rosemary sauce Traditional festive menu Techniques Cooking methods



Cooking and





Week4 day 1 Fish

1.      Carpaccio

2.      grilled

1.Tuna carpaccio 2.Half cooked tuna Techniques Cooking methods

,marinate and sauce serving

Cooking accordingly to the fish
Week4 day 2 Couscous  Tajine- lamb Cooking the couscous Cooking the lamb tajine Preparation Cooking method Cooking , applying skills and technic Prepsentantion


Week5 day 1 Bread making French sandwhich making with chicken and coleslaw Traditional bread- French baguette Roasted chicken Classical coleslaw Cooking technique and preparation Making a traditional French sandwich Presentation and taste rectification
Week 5 day 1 Dessert  Classical Mousse au chocolate and decoration Cooking method and preparation technique Technical skills and presentation


Week 6 day 1 Seafood platter




1.grilled calamari 2.crispy fish

(pan fry) 3. grilled prawns 4.mussels

Marinating , cooking and presentation Acquired technics/skills Cooking methods



Week 6 day 2 Pizza making

Large and mini


Pizza dough Pizza dough derivative

Tomato sauce and garnishes

Traditional pizza dough Tomato sauce Respecting technicity and standard recipe Plating accordingly to garnish
Week 7 day 1 Assessment Cooking and platting Imposed technical application Chicken cooked in a sauce served with a rice Respecting standard technic
Week 7day 2 Assessment Cooking and platting Imposed

traditional recipe Steamed fish with lemon grass served with a shoba noodle

Respecting portioning and sauce preparation and shoba noodle cooking.
Week 8 day 1 Actual kitchen operation Set menu Soup paysanne Grilled chicken with buttered pasta and French glazed vegetables Mousse au fruit Plating
Week8 day1 Actual kitchen operation Set menu Salade nicoisee Roast lamb with risotto and green peas Chocolate souffle plating

August/September 2024 Intake