PML invites qualified Subject Experts in the different fields with long industry experience to send their Expression of Interest (EOI) to sit and provide guidance in Examination Committees.
Subject Experts in the following fields are required:

Requirements of Subject Experts

  1. Either Degree or an alternative acceptable qualification in above appropriate fields with 10 years of experience, or
  2. Master’s Degree in a relevant area of expertise as above is preferred, or
  3. Candidates with more than 15 years of experience in scarce fields may also apply.


The TOR of Subject Expert for Examination Committee has very clear delineations which are
outlined below:

  1. Assist, check, correct and advise on the proper formulation of examination questions.
  2. Propose examination questions with model answers to the Examination Committee (s).
  3. Counsel the EC on the best practice to be adopted on the preparation of exam questions and the appropriate structure to be implemented while setting examination questions.
  4. Report to the EC Chairperson on the running of the committee(s).
  5. Assist the Examination Board as and when required for the deliberation of examination markings.


  1. Be available as and when required by the Examination Committee.
  2. Check, correct and advice on the formulation of exam questions.
  3. Propose exam questions with model answers to the Examination Committee(s).
  4. Counsel the EC on the best structure of exam questions to be adopted.
  5. Propose and prepare on the best grading system to be adopted.
  6. As and when required assist and guide the Examination Board on the validation and approval of exam markings.
  7. Work according to the EC timetable and with the different documentation prepared by the Examination Committee(s).
  8. Guide and propose the Examination Committee(s) on the best practice to adopt in terms of exam structure and way forward so as to align its activities as per international standards.
  9. Maintain a high level of confidentiality while attending the Examination Committee(s) and not to disclose any information pertaining to exam to any PML staff, student(s), relatives or general public. In case of such matters arise, legal action may be initiated.
  10. Inform the Chairperson and Committee members in case of any conflict of interest that may exist.
  11. Not engaged in teaching either at PML or elsewhere or have any other academic consultancy with other institution during their service at PML.
  12. On absence of the Examination Committee’s Chairperson, the Subject Expert can be called upon to act as Chairperson however, approval of the Chairperson should be obtained prior of such exchange of Authority.
  13. The Subject Expert will attend meeting to outline and report back on the running of Examination Committee to the Chairperson of the EC.
  14. The Subject Expert will be assisted by a PML staff during his/her tasks in the Examination Committee(s)


    Application for *

    Nursing and other Allied Health courses:

    • Nursing

    • Oncology

    • Midwifery

    • Mental Health

    • Cardiac Nursing

    • Hospital Administration

    • Phlebotomy

    • Pharmacology

    Hospitality and Tourism

    • Hospitality and Tourism

    • Event Management

    • Leisure

    • Culinary & Pastry

    • Sport & Fitness

    • Coaching

    Information Technology and other Emerging Technologies

    • IT

    • Blockchain

    • AI

    • Cybersecurity

    • Digital Media

    • Computer Science/ Application

    • Software Engineering/ Development

    • Network communication

    • Telecommunication

    • Maths/ Statistics

    Engineering/ Logistics/ Aviation/ Avionic/Architecture

    • Logistic Management

    • Architecture and Interior

    • Marine Engineering

    • Land surveying

    • Town & Country planning

    • Ship & Port Operation

    • Aviation/ Avionic

    • Marine and Oceanography

    Soft Skills and Languages

    • English

    • French

    • German

    • Spanish

    • Mandarin

    • Italian

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