Applied Research

Applied research at Polytechnics Mauritius is a humble attempt to create a stir in students to stretch their interest, curiosity and sense of experimentation and adventure. In this journey, our research and analytics cell and academic faculty will act as facilitators, motivators and mentors to push the boundaries and put students in touch with industry stakeholders. This manifests in a platform to address industry’s unresolved issues or problems that need look into and that until now, had been put on the backburner pending more resources. Thus, students align their interest to real-world problems that needs more than an easy fix and deserves a closer and deeper gauge.

In short, Polytechnics Mauritius students and faculty work in collaboration with local community and social partners linking academic and skills endeavours to solve community problems. Faculty also take a lead role to work directly with industry to bring solutions and generate impact. The research, while mainly focused on practical issues, can adopt a number of different forms based on the nature of the issue at hand.

From stakeholder meetings to impact surveys, from action-based workshops to one-on-one discussions or research forums, the start is not pre-scripted but evolves organically based on needs and demands.