• Our Vision


    To innovate and craft a high-skills eco-system that makes us a world class powerhouse

  • Our Mission

    To inspire students, nurture a broad mindset and carve out professionals that lead and transform industry, fostering growth, harmony and sustainability in Mauritius and beyond.


    Our Mission

  • Strategic Intent


    Transform the higher and technical education sector by challenging assumptions and providing long term solutions that create skilled and competent industry-focused managers and leaders.

  • We Are EPIC

    E : Experiential
    P : Passion
    I : Integrity
    C : Co-Creation


    We Are EPIC

  • Our Values


    @ Polytechnics Mauritius, values go beyond the writings on the wall, they embody the life code through which we achieve impact. Students, teachers, staff and stakeholders come together in this unique concoction of values. They define how we take every step forward.

  • Culture

    Symbols are important. Coming up with new ways of doing things stretches the body and the mind and reinvigorates the spirit. This is why PML is sharply focused on developing culture on and off campus.